Cinamaker Meeting Director (Paid version only) gives you the ability to invite anyone or any camera from anywhere in the world to your Cinamaker live stream and recording. 

Cinamaker has partnered with Zoom to make a seamless connection between invited guests and cameras without ever leaving the Cinamaker app.

Using Zoom’s audio/video transport, “Remote Guest” enables Cinamaker Meeting Director creators to include up to eight (8)* remote interview guests or remote cameras/audio into your sessions.

Step 1: Accessing Remote Guests

Go to Network Browser  (tap camera icon to the right of the BIG red button )

From the Network Browser window, scroll down and find the Zoom Remote Guest / Remote Cameras section

Step 2: Sign in to Zoom

Sign in to your Zoom account, you will use your Zoom login and then tap the Login button

Step 3:  Start a New Meeting

After successful login you will tap the “Start meeting” button and a new Zoom session will be created for your Remote Guests to connect through.

A popup will ask you to Fill in the meeting title field and tap the Accept button 

Wait a few seconds while the Zoom meeting is initiated  
At the first instance that a Zoom meeting has started…. you will need to accept permission pop-ups.

Step 4: Invite Guests to your Meeting

Tap the “Meeting info” button to Share the Meeting details with your Remote Guests

The Share details will allow you to invite your Remote Guests to participate in your Cinamaker production. 

We suggest you prepare your guests by informing them that you will be sharing the Zoom meeting login. 

To invite your Remote Guests to your Cinamaker production, you will use the share options, or copy and share manually

Meanwhile, upon receiving their invite, your Guests will need to accept by clicking the link. 

This should open Zoom on their device and automatically log them into your Cinamaker session.

Step 5: Zoom Meeting Room

When your guests connect to the Zoom session hosted by Cinamaker you will see their Zoom screen names inside of the Cinamaker interface. 

At this point, they are in the Zoom meeting room as a spectator waiting to be included in your production, but not yet in your Cinamaker session.

Step 6: Add Guests into your Cinamaker Session

You will then need to switch the toggle to the right of their name to add your desired Guest into the Cinamaker Session. 

They will then be assigned a Camera Number, and their status will now appear as In Cinamaker as Guest

Click the “Back” button to return to your Cinamaker interface where your Guest will appear in preview mode.

Step 7: Now its Time to Operate your Remote Guest Session 

When you return to the Cinamaker live interface you will be able to switch between cameras, include media, and mix audio, as you normally would. 

You may also live stream your session or record them and edit later in playback using the in-app editor.

At any time, you can turn off the switch to disconnect each Zoom Guest from their camera slot.

For more help with Remote Guests, or any other Features and Functions, visit the Learning Center in the start screen menu or at

*Include Up to eight (8) Remote Guests/Remote Cameras on Mac running Cinamaker Meeting Director (Pro only).