Set Up and Control Your Zoom Sessions As a Meeting Director

Connecting Meeting Director to Zoom is simple. 

You will need Zoom downloaded and installed on the same Mac running Meeting Director.

To connect and output your Meeting Director video and audio output to Zoom requires you to simply: 

From within a Zoom Session, 
Open Zoom’s Preferences. 

Then under the Video & Audio Preferences section select “Cinamaker Virtual Web Camera” as your Video source, and “Cinamaker Audio Device” as your audio source.

And finally, to get your Meeting Director output to appear in your Zoom meeting, be sure to select “Start Video” and “UnMute” the Mic in Zoom.

IMPORTANT: Your Cinamaker Audio Device must be selected as your Microphone, otherwise your audio will be out of sync with your video.

Once you have made these selections, your Cinamaker video/audio output will appear in your Zoom session

With Cinamaker you’re the Meeting Director. You'll be able to control and cut between cameras, mix audio sources, and add graphics and media.