Need Help Capturing Audio With Cinamaker?

Capture Audio

With Cinamaker, you can capture audio in multiple ways. Either from your iPhones built-in microphone or by using external microphones and audio mixers.

In all cases, your audio must be routed through devices running Cinamaker Capture. And with Cinamaker you can use up to 8 iOS devices running Cinamaker Capture.

Control Audio

To open the in-app audio mixer tap the musical note icon to the right of the Camera menu. 

Similar to the Camera menu, you’ll see a list of your connected audio capture devices.  You can adjust and optimize your audio mix by turning up and down the volume levels using the slide controls.

You should plan to set at least one of your capture devices as your primary audio source and turn the others down because too many mics overlapping can create an unwanted echo effect in your video.

Monitor Audio

Audio is critical to every production, and with Meeting Director, we recommend you set and monitor your audio mix before and while shooting.

Headphones plugged into your Mac are also important for monitoring your audio during your Meeting Director session. This will give you the best chance at monitoring your audio to ensure the best quality audio.


If you have any more questions about the advanced audio features Cinamaker has to offer, like how to use external microphones and audio mixers in Cinamaker, visit the Meeting Director Learning Center.

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