Need Help Controlling Your Cameras With Cinamaker? 

The Basics

Once in Meeting Director, your cameras will appear in the preview monitors at the bottom of the screen and you will be able to switch between camera angles by simply clicking the desired camera’s preview monitor.  The selected camera will appear in the large Program Output Monitor at the top of the screen and simultaneously be sent live to Zoom. 

Camera Panel

In the second menu panel next to the Media menu you’ll find the Camera menu.  Here you’ll find a list of your connected iOS and digital cameras.

To control your iOS cameras, simply tap on the desired iPhone or iPad, and you’ll be able to remotely control the camera's zoom, adjust exposure, ISO, the camera’s flashlight, and more by using the slide controls. 

You can also select your white balance and focus mode between automatic and manual and select each camera’s bitrate settings.

Also just be aware that this feature only controls iOS cameras, so if you are using HDMI-connected digital cameras, you’ll need to adjust and control them manually.

Virtual Camera

Right next to the Cameras and Devices Settings is the Virtual Camera feature. Here you'll be able to set and adjust additional virtual cameras from within one of your cameras. 

Digital Cameras

To find out more about Camera Controls and how to set up and connect digital cameras using HDMI encoders, visit the Learning Center at

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