Need help connecting your cameras and audio sources with Cinamaker?

The Basics: 

Getting Started

To use Cinamaker Meeting Director, you will need a Mac with a built-in webcam, and you may use up to 4 iPhones or iPads as Video Capture devices, and up to 8 iPhones or iPads as Audio Capture devices. 

Note that digital cameras can also be used but require additional hardware.

To get started, you will download the Cinamaker Meeting Director app, available for free at

For your iPhone and iPad capture devices, you will need to download and install our free Cinamaker Capture App from the iOS App Store. Cinamaker Capture must be opened on each iOS device you plan to use as a Camera and or Audio capture device.

And finally, you will need Zoom downloaded and installed on the same Mac running Cinamaker Meeting Director. 

Connecting Devices via Wifi

To connect your Cameras and Audio devices with Cinamaker Meeting Director, you’ll need to make sure all your iOS devices and digital cameras are connected to the same high-quality Wifi network as your Mac running Meeting Director. Otherwise, your additional cameras and audio sources will not appear.



First, download Cinamaker Meeting Director to your Mac from 

Next, while your Mac webcam will immediately open when you start a new session in Meeting Director, you may also download Cinamaker Capture from the iOS App Store to each of the iOS devices you wish to use as additional video cameras or audio capture devices.


Once you have installed and opened Meeting Director on your Mac and Cinamaker Capture on each of your iOS devices, you’ll need a good strong Wifi connection to connect all your devices.


With all of your devices sharing the same wifi network,  open the Cinamaker Capture app on your iPhones and select “Video” for each device that will be used as a camera, or Audio if it will be used for audio capture -only. 

Then open the Cinamaker Meeting Director app and start a “new session”

With each of your iOS devices sharing the same strong Wifi connection with your Mac, your cameras will automatically connect to the Meeting Director App. 

For more help on this and any of Cinamaker Features and Functions Visit the Learning Center in the Start Screen Menu or

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