It’s free to get started with Cinamaker Meeting Director. Simply go to to download and install Cinamaker Meeting Director on your Mac.

Meeting Director Step-by-Step

  1. Download and install 
  2. Open Meeting Director
    1. Connect cameras
    2. Connect audio
    3. Add media
    4. Include Remote Guests (COMING SOON)
  3. Output to Zoom, or other top video meeting platforms

When you open Meeting Director, your Mac’s webcam and built-in mic will immediately launch.

As the meeting director, you may now 

- enrich your meetings with media; pictures, pre-recorded video, graphics, and audio files

- add additional camera angles and engage your audience with more detail

- add additional audio sources to capture more voices

- include and highlight remote guests from anywhere in the world (COMING SOON)

And with Cinamaker Virtual Web Camera and Cinamaker Audio Driver, it’s simple to send your output to Zoom, MS Teams, WebEx, Skype,  BlueJeans, and most web conferencing and video meeting platforms. 

- open Zoom, or other Web Conferencing, Video Meeting, and login to your session

- for Video, select “Cinamaker Virtual Web Camera”

- for Audio, select “Cinamaker Audio Device”

- when you are ready, select "Start Video" and "Unmute"