To connect your Cameras and Audio devices with Cinamaker Meeting Director, you’ll need to make sure all your iOS devices and digital cameras are connected to the same strong Wifi network as your Mac running meeting director. Otherwise, your additional cameras and audio sources will not appear.

Network and Connect Devices    

Network: Connecting Cinamaker in a Wireless Environment

Network: Using Wired Ethernet to Connect Devices

Connecting Cameras, Audio, HDMI, NDI    

Connecting iOS Devices with Cinamaker Capture

Download & Launch Cinamaker Capture App

Using Cinamaker Capture

Connecting Digital Cameras and Digital Devices

Connecting Digital Cameras & HDMI Sources

Adding Virtual Cameras

Connecting Audio Devices

Connecting Microphones and Audio Devices

Connecting Audio Devices Using USB

Sending Output to Digital Devices

Sending Video Program Output to an HDMI Adapter

Connecting to the Internet    

Connecting to the Internet

Connecting Remote Guests    

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Connecting to Live Meeting Platforms    

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