Meeting Director requires a strong local Wi-Fi network to connect each of the Mac, iOS, and digital devices.

Connecting to Zoom and other meeting platforms requires having a strong internet connection.

Connecting Devices

With Cinamaker Meeting Director opened on your Mac, and Cinamaker Capture opened on each of your iOS video and audio capture devices, it's time to connect to the same local area network. 

There are two requirements for ensuring successful Meeting Director sessions: 

  1. Your Mac and each iOS and digital device are required to be connected to the same strong Wi-Fi network.

  2. Each device running Cinamaker software; Meeting Director and Cinamaker Capture, must share the same Network ID in order to be recognized and maintain a solid network connection

Wireless Connection (Default)

Once connected to the same strong Wi-Fi network, and sharing the same Network ID, Meeting Director on your Mac and Cinamaker Capture on each of your iOS devices, will operate wirelessly. 

Wired Connection (Optional)

Under some conditions, you may wish to connect your Mac and iOS devices through a dedicated router/hub via ethernet and the necessary adapters. Typical conditions for wiring your devices may include:

  • Long distances between devices (greater than 20-25’ from the Meeting Director App)

  • Too many devices sharing the same Meeting Director Wifi network

  • Large crowded spaces where the RF frequency make it impossible to connect consistently

Connecting to the Internet

Meeting Director must be connected to the Internet to send its output to Zoom or other video meeting platforms. The stronger the upload speed the better.

Connecting to Zoom

Connecting Meeting Director to Zoom is simple, yet requires that you connect and output your Meeting Director video and audio feed to Zoom to ensure perfect sync. To do so, follow these simple steps:

Open Zoom. 

Begin by making sure Zoom is installed on your Mac running Meeting Director.

Open Zoom Preferences. 

Under the Video & Audio Preferences section select “Cinamaker Virtual Web Camera” as your Video (camera) source, and “Cinamaker Audio Device” as your audio source. 

And finally, To get your Meeting Director output to appear in your Zoom meeting, be sure to select “start Video” and “Un Mute” the Mic in Zoom.


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