Cinamaker Meeting Director software consists of:

  1. Cinamaker Meeting Director 
  2. Cinamaker Capture

Cinamaker Meeting Director

Cinamaker Meeting Director is a Mac app that seamlessly connects and controls video cameras, your webcam, audio sources, and digital devices, and outputs to Zoom, BlueJeans, and other top video meeting platforms.

Cinamaker Capture

Cinamaker Capture is the free companion app that must be opened on each iOS device you plan to use as a Camera and or Audio capture device.


And finally, you will need Zoom (or other video meeting software) downloaded and installed on the same Mac running Cinamaker Meeting Director. 

Download Instructions

Meeting Director App

Cinamaker Meeting Director requires a Mac to serve as the control center. The Cinamaker Meeting Director App can be downloaded from

Cinamaker Capture App

Cinamaker Capture is the free companion App to Meeting Director required to connect each of your iOS devices (; iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch) you desire to use as cameras or audio capture devices.

Cinamaker Capture can be downloaded from the App Store.