Cinamaker Meeting Director is a powerful Mac app for creating impactful video meetings, webinars, virtual events, remote interviews, and more. 

With Meeting Director you will :

  • Replace your single webcam with multiple cameras, multi-media, broadcast-quality output from one simple app that your Zoom and video meeting attendees will value and appreciate  

  • Turns your mundane Zoom and online video meetings, presentations, and performances into broadcast-quality events

By combining up to eight (8) multiple camera angles and audio sources, with multimedia - graphics, photos, video, productivity software, visual effects, and more - Meeting Director is your control center to simply compose, operate and send your meeting output to Zoom, BlueJeans, Teams, Skype, Webex, and other top meeting platforms. 

Additionally, you can include and feature multiple remote guests from around the world.

As the meeting director, in no time, you will create meetings like a pro.

We've adapted rapid live production techniques by networking and synchronizing multiple iPhones and digital cameras with a Mac app that allows you to live preview, remote control, switch cameras and output your feed to Zoom and other top meeting platforms in real-time. 

The result; level-up your meeting production with an app that is simple, portable, lightweight, fun to operate, and a fraction of the cost of traditional production tools.

Meeting Director Key Features

Cinamaker Meeting Director is your control center for sending your meeting output to Zoom, BlueJeans, and other top meeting platforms. Meeting Director features include: 

  • Multi-Camera Switcher & Remote Control

    • Live preview, remotely control and switch up to 4 iPhone and/or digital cameras, your Mac’s webcam, and Cinamaker’s built-in virtual camera

    • Include external devices; computers, gaming consoles, projectors, etc 

  • Output to your Video Meeting Platform

    • Output to Zoom, BlueJeans, Skype, and other Meeting Platforms through the Cinamaker Virtual Web Camera and Cinamaker Audio Device

  • Include Remote Guests 

    • Feature multiple Remote Guests into your meeting from anywhere in the world

  • Audio Mixing

    • Mix Audio using up to 8 audio sources; iOS devices, external microphones, mixers

  • Media & Graphics

    • Using Cinamaker’s Newsroom-style Graphics Engine, include multimedia; photos, pre-recorded video, graphics, audio files

  • Visual Effects

    • Include visual effects; camera transitions, picture-in-picture, split screen, chromakey/green screen

  • Live-Edit in Real-Time

    • Switch cameras live while you output your meetings to Zoom, BlueJeans, and other top meeting platforms.